Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sharks can produce asexually!!

wow imagine the consequences for biodiversity

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rare, Soft-Shelled Turtle Found in Cambodia

"We thought it might be almost gone, but found it in abundance in this one pristine stretch of the Mekong, making the area the world's most important site for saving this particular species," David Emmett, a CI wildlife biologist, said in the statement."


Reproductive Speed Protects Large Animals From Being Hunted To Extinction

Guess that's not good news for low reproductive animals like sharks and others...


Antarctic Waters Are Cold, Dark, Deep—And Teeming with Life

Antarctic Waters Are Cold, Dark, Deep—And Teeming with Life
Initial forays into the deep waters on the Atlantic side of Antarctica reveal an astonishing array of new creatures
By David Biello


as reported in newscientist

the source at

Deep Ocean Biodiversity videos

West Nile virus kills surban birds

"May 16, 2007 —Birds that once flourished in suburban skies, including robins, bluebirds and crows, have been devastated by West Nile virus, a study found..."

Dead fish found floating in Serangoon River and canal

"Dead fish found floating in Serangoon River and canal
By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 16 May 2007 2231 hrs
SINGAPORE: Thousands of dead fish were found floating in the Serangoon River and Punggol Park Canal on Wednesday. ..."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

M'sia turns hot spot for stolen wildlife,4136,130422,00.html?
from the new paper:

"THEY are getting bolder.
And the animals are at greater risk than ever of becoming 'extinct'.
Criminal gangs are using Malaysia as a hub for exporting millions of dollars worth of wildlife for the Chinese market, officials said yesterday
They added that trafficking of wildlife had hit alarming levels in Malaysia, which also plays the role of source and consumer....."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Overcrowding helps spread coral disease

"Rising sea temperatures are helping to spread disease across coral reefs, a new study shows. And the healthiest parts of a reef are most vulnerable because the coral is more concentrated, allowing infection to transmit easily, researchers say."

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Light Sticks May Inadvertently Lure Turtles To Fishing Lines

"Science Daily Thousands of loggerhead turtles die every year when they get tangled or hooked in commercial fishing longlines meant for tuna or swordfish.  New research suggests a possible reason why turtles swim into the lines. The glowing light sticks that lure fish to longlines also attract turtles, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study."