Thursday, November 15, 2007

New freshwater stingray described from Myanmar | Practical Fishkeeping magazine --- A new genus and species of freshwater stingray has been described from Myanmar.  The new stingray, named Makararaja chindwinensis, is described from the Chindwin River (a tributary of the Irrawaddy River in northern Myanmar) in a paper by Tyson Roberts published in a recent issue of the Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society.  Makararaja chindwinensis is closely related to the flagtailed stingray genus Pastinachus, but differs from it and other stingray genera in the family Dasyatidae in having a nearly round disc, with the dorsal surface having pearl organs and denticles so small as to appear almost lacking, 105–107 pectoral-fin pterygiophores, and tail with a long, low-lying fin fold.  Together with Pastinachus, Makararaja is considered to form a new subfamily Pastinachinae.


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